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How to Hang Picture Frames Using Toothpaste and Wine

I know I'm not the only one who has a dozen tiny "oops" holes all over my walls. Don't worry, I patched them (by painting over them - don't tell my landlord).

Hanging picture frames is H.A.R.D. There's no standardization of where the wall hangers are placed on the back of the frames. Why would there be? We're all expert mathematicians who paid close attention in pre-algebra and know exactly how to add and subtract fractions and solve for X to get the co-efficient of Y . in Y am I even trying?

So in 3 easy steps I'm going to teach you:

How to hang picture frames with toothpaste and wine

(Spoiler Alert - Step 3 is my favorite!)



1. Picture Frame

2. Nails

3. Hammer

4. Tape (colored tape like masking tape or painter's tape is best. Be careful of

masking tape, as it might pull the paint off the wall! )

5. Pencil

7. Toothpaste (any kind, preferably contrasting color to your wall)

8. Wine & Wine Glass


Without worrying about where the hook is on the back or stressing about were you have to place your nail hole to get the right position, hold up your picture frame where you want it on the wall. Mark the placement of the top of the frame. You can either trace on the wall lightly with a pencil, or if you have some tape, place the piece of tape right above where you want your picture frame to go.


To center the frame: Put a piece of tape on the front of the frame and with a tape measure and a pen, mark the center of the frame on the tape. Then, mark the center point you need on wall (or on the tape you put on the wall). When it comes time to hang, all you have to do is match the two points to each other and voi la! Your frame will be centered.

To offset the frame: Measure the side of where the frame needs to be and mark it on the tape/wall in the same way.


After you have the placement of the frame on your wall, it's time to nail that sucker up there. The most frustrating part of hanging picture frames is placing the nails in the right location on the wall. You have to take into account for where the hooks are placed on the back of the frame or you'll end up like me with a thousand holes on the wall behind your frame (shhhh!) because the frame didn't hang right.

So roll up your sleeves and get out your toothpaste. Yep, Toothpaste. Any kind will do. No, we don't need to argue if Crest is better than Colgate (#TeamCrest).

On the back of your picture frame, Dab a small piece of toothpaste on the top of the frame hook. You can unroll your sleeves now, the hard part is over.

Now take your frame back to your wall placement and without touching the wall, align your frame with your measurements. When you have the frame in just the right position, push the frame against the wall. It should leave a little dab of toothpaste right where your nail should go. Wipe away any leftover toothpaste once your nail is in.


Hang your picture frame and pour yourself a glass of wine. You deserve it!

(I told you this was the best step!)


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