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The 700 sq.ft. one-bedroom Baldwin Hills apartment boasts a million-dollar view of downtown Los Angeles. Featuring a large open-concept living and dining room, a separate L-shaped kitchen, and 150 sq.ft. bedroom with “his” & “hers” closets, this corner unit had a lot of potential. On a strict budget, the newlyweds desired a space that incorporated as much of their existing furniture as possible and represented both husband and wife’s personalities. As both had a love for the nature, incorporating the outdoors was an important characteristic to include in the design. By creatively using paint, area rugs and furniture arrangements, the various areas in this open concept were clearly made separate. A large mural in the dining room featuring trees and a fading mountain range brings the outdoors inside this urban apartment. Second-hand furniture was re-imagined and a few DIY pieces helped finish off the couple’s collection and tie everything together. After all was completed, this apartment redesign cost the couple less than $2,000.

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